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Testimonials & Feedback: 
What artists say about working with us:

For over a decade, we have worked with hundreds of artists each year on over 100 projects so far. We strive to make each exhibition the best possible for visitor and artist alike. Here are what a few of them had to say.      - J + K Isacson

"Wonderful show...Kathleen Isacson and Joe Isacson did a BRILLIANT job curating and pulling this show together. Highly recommend..."    - Yvonne Beckway, artist

"The members of FAM would like to send out a huge thank you to Joe and Kathleen Isacson for sending the exhibition If You Only Knew to the Freeport Art Museum. Without their hardwork, creativity, and dedication, this exhibition would not be possible. As their brainchild, If You Only Knew reflects their outstanding talent and professional acuity in the realm of curating and exhibitions. By organizing the work of exceptional artists, Joe and Kathleen have allowed for unique stories to be heard and wonderful pieces to be shared with the larger community. Your work does not go unrecognized!" - Staff, Freeport Art Museum

​"Joe Isacson and Kathleen Isacson have been putting together some fabulous shows. I have been very happy to be involved with a few of them."  - Didier Nolet, artist

"I have been juried into Freeport Art Museum's regional upcoming show - I would not have known about this show or the museum had I not attended your art conference following Creek Gallery. I am thrilled to have been included! Thanks for all that you do for the local art community. What a team you are!" - Katherine Weber, artist

“Professionally orchestrated show with attention to detail.”  – Connie Sonnenberg, artist 

“I have been in two shows and they both were fabulous!  I am already getting repeat business! Kathleen and Joe Isacson are just a fantastic couple...very supportive and well organized.”    
– Danuta Loane, ceramacist

"I was completely blown away. They did an AMAZING job with this show (Dangerous Lullabies III) and I am HONORED to be apart of it."   - Robin Monique Rios, artist & gallerist 4Art Space Chicago

“Kathleen and Joe Isacson go out of their way to not only engage the local community, but to care for the artists they gather around. Yes, artists talk wherever they go; but I've never seen so much interaction between artistic hearts and minds as I do at the Affair. Affair of the Arts is more than a show. It's a temporary community, and one we're privileged to be a part of.”  
– Ivan Ewert (Triskele Moon Studios)

"An electric opening...Wonderful work."    - Viktor Ferro, artist

"The quality of the work displayed was excellent. I couldn't believe the excellent food and friendly people greeting us. The best show ever!"  - Pat Hawkins, artist 

“Beautiful space… Amazing exposure for the artists!.....A very inviting community setting…I feel very grateful for being allowed to be to be part of this amazing event and thankful for all that I learned from this experience. Thank you Kathleen and Joe Isacson for you're amazing kindness, guidance and leadership!”   - Jen Schneck, artist 

"...The quality of work seems to get better every year."     -  Alan Thomas, artist

"Kathleen and Joe are a joy to work with, and do all they can to help us, before, during, and after the show.”       – Kathy Watson, Jeweler 

​"A Huge Thank You goes out to Kathleen Isacson and Joe Isacson! All I can say is WOW!!! As an artist I feel greatly indebted and very much appreciative for the hard work and sacrifices both of you put in to creating such a wonderfully diverse and extraordinary exhibition - "If You Only Knew". Thank you both for giving artists a platform on which we can proudly display our work. And to all of the artist who exhibited, I am honored to be among such great talent. The bar has been raised!"  
- Richard Houser, artist

​We work with artists in all stages of their creative journey...and, occasionally, we have the honor of giving someone their "first break".     - J + K

"Thank you for putting me in the art show last year; you are the only soul in the whole entire world that ever gave my work a chance."    - Anonymous artist

"I don't think I would have had the confidence to submit to another gallery if I hadn't had such a great experience working with you two at Creek Gallery. Thanks for the great job you did there." 
- Emerging artist after his first-ever exhibition


Visit our Call for Artists page for a list of open calls.

We are in the midst of developing some new exhibitions as well as other opportunities for artists to learn how to develop their craft or even turn their passion into a career. If you are an artist who would like to hear about upcoming events, sign up for our newsletter:  

Exhibition at the Dole mansion
Giving a curator's talk at the Freeport Art Museum for If You Only Knew.
View of Dangerous Lullabies II.

Work shown by Jennifer Cronin & Karl Jahnke.
Opening night at the Dole Mansion
North Gallery - Winter Exhibition.
Kathleen & Joe with Sergio Gomez, our guest speaker for the first Creek Gallery Arts Conference.

(Did you know we produced the first ever "Breakfast with Sergio" at the Creek Gallery Arts Conference? Now Sergio has launched a  regular podcast with the same name - be sure to check it  out!)
Interpretive Jazz composition based on pieces in the exhibition - 3rd Annual Creek Gallery Arts Conference.
Opening Night element designed by Joe for Dangerous Lullabies. 

We were honored when the family of a local artist asked to use this exhibition as the setting for his wake.
Kathleen during the Creek Gallery Arts Conference.
Creek Gallery Arts Conference - Breakfast with Dan Addington. (Kathleen & Dan shown in interview.)
Opening night.
North gallery - Daily Practices (artists were challenged to create artwork on a daily basis for this installation.)
Adam & Eve National Exhibition at the Old Courthouse Arts Center. 

This exhibition explored the themes of beauty, loss and innocence.

Sculpture in foreground by Pat Brutchin
View of the 6th Annual Creek Gallery with Kathleen during installation.

Artwork shown by Luke McFadden.
Adam & Eve Exhibition - detail shot.
Opening night.
View of group exhibition at the Old Court House Arts Center in Woodstock.
Joe discussing artwork with guests  during the run of one of our month-long exhibitions.