Chicago area fine art exhibition in the northwest suburbs. Submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, metal. Contact Kathleen & Joe at submissions@culturea for details. 
The Artists:
If You Only Knew is a 5-week group fine art exhibition showcased in the Old Court House Arts Center located in Woodstock, IL. This is an exhibition about revealing secrets or otherwise not-widely known information to one another. Each piece in the show will have a letter that tells something surprising, funny, heartfelt or private. 

About the Show: It's always feels risky to share artwork to an audience, but for the If You Only Knew National Fine Art Exhibition, artists have dared to make themselves even more vulnerable by writing letters to the gallery's visitors to reveal something secret, unknown or surprising about themselves or their artwork. 

For example: One artist shares a story of a family machete, family fights and secret night burials, another realized after 20 years that her father wasn't a cowboy after all, despite the evidence on the mantle. One artist believes his drawing to be cursed, while another discovers that her painting was a premonition of impending catastrophe. Yet another artist reveals his painting is about a childhood mystery of a broken Virgin Mary statue that remains unsolved to this day. 

Visitors to opening night will receive secrets and stories that reveals more than they could guess about the artwork (& the artist) before them. Whether they share the knowledge rests with them. 

Opening night will feature an added performance element by J. Lindsay Brown.

The exhibit will be in the Old Courthouse Arts Center, located on Woodstock's historic square, NW of Chicago. You may recognize the square from the film Groundhog Day. 

Opening Night Reception: Saturday, Jan 20, 6:00-9:00 pm

The exhibition will be open January 20 - Feb 24
Gallery hours are Thursday - Saturday: 11:00am -5:00 pm, Sunday: 1:00-5:00 pm 
Free Admission to the gallery. Artwork is available for purchase.

Old Courthouse Arts Center
101 N. Johnson St
Woodstock, IL 60098

This show is curated by J + K Isacson in partnership with the Old Courthouse Arts Center. 
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For weekly show hours and more information on the the Old Courthouse Arts Center, visit their website: 

To purchase artwork from the exhibition, stop by or call them at 815-338-4525.

About the Show:

​Paul Nitsche, Gabriella Leyva, Mary Solberg, Katrina Davis-Salazar, 
Barbara Benstein, Jennifer Schneck, David Feingold, Joel Armstrong, Karen Schuman, Teresa Parod, Maria Gedroc, Graehound, Sarah Kisley,
Robin Monique Rios, Kathleen Sullivan Isacson, Joe Isacson, Robert Kelsey, Rachael Corey, Lynn Garwood, Carol Hamilton, Frank Fitzgerald, Christine Sandvik
Christie Popilek, Bret Elsenbroek, Liz VonBorden, Jolanta Soares, Rick Houser, Alan Thomas, Dorothy Bury Shaw, Sue Behrens, Laura Frazier,
Alison Easler, Jan Glazar, Kathy Blankley Roman, Veronica Gockenbach 
Header includes images from Paul Nitsche, Gabriella Leyva & Mary Solberg.

Laika - Mary Solberg, invitational artist

This dog is captured in suspended animation happily pursuing her ball. The actual dog named Laika lost her life in pursuit of interplanetary travel. Homeless on the streets of Moscow, this young stray was selected to orbit earth in a rocket ship.
Fig. 12: Scapular Girlchild Views of the Infraspinous Foss - Paul Nitsche, invitational artist

This piece references the notion of the reliquary. The two children displayed are graphite drawings on sections of human bone.
Summer Dream - Gabriela Leyva, invitational artist
"She had an affair in the summer with a man and returned to her husband and her children like nothing happened. 
She relives the ecstasies, shame, guilt, desire, and pleasure alone in a darkened room."
Ground Hog - Mary Solberg, invitational artist

Mary's brother Jim spent his childhood in illness and developed a love for observing and collecting nature. His pictures are a great inspiration to Mary for her work and a remembrance of him.
Fig. 16 - The Ephemeral Knot - Paul Nitsche, invitational artist

Something akin to a Memento Mori, The Ephemeral Knot is a sculpture depicting the bridge between youth and death. The child's hand grasps a clavicle bone, the first bone to begin the process of ossification.
The Bard of Becoming - Gabriela Layva, invitational artist

"She lived true love with a forbidden man for a few months, and decides to take her life after she has achieved it. This is the moment of decision."
Stories, revelations & secrets about the artwork will be given out in sealed envelopes on opening night.
Stories, revelations and secrets about the artwork included in the show will be given out on opening night. Not everyone will get the same story - it's up to them to share it or keep it to themselves.
Old Court House Arts Center
Woodstock, IL

The center is located on historic Woodstock square, which you may recognize as the setting of the film, Groundhog Day