Chicago aarea fine art exhibition in the northwest suburbs. Submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, metal by June 22, 2013. No admission fees, no commission taken. Contact Kathleen & Joe at submissions@culturea for details. 
fine art exhibition, church visual arts ministry submit work for Crystal Lake, Illiinois show in July 2013
emerging and professional artists welcome. prospectus for Creek Gallery fine art exhibition to promote local artists.
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For 6 years, Creek Gallery was a fine art exhibition curated & produced by J + K Isacson and hosted by Willow Creek Crystal Lake to celebrate our creative community.  The show featured local artists of different faiths and backgrounds from McHenry County and the Chicagoland area as well as a few international guests. 

This was a great event offering free exhibition opportunities to artists in an unorthodox setting, with an audience of about 5,000 each week. Artists handled their own sales and kept 100%

Each Creek Gallery exhibition included the work of 60+ artists and nearly 100 pieces of fine art from the local emerging, mid-career and museum exhibited artists.

For three weeks, the church turned its sizable atrium into an exhibition gallery as a way to welcome the creative community into our space. This was a volunteer-run show operating as part of Willow Crystal Lake's visual arts team.

Click here to take a look at pictures from 2017's opening night celebration.
View of Creek Gallery opening night 2013 featuring the work of 60+ artists. The exhibition also gets seen by a few thousand people each week for services, workshops and events.    Photo by Steve Yoon.
The Inventor (Detail)
Sergio Gomez
Anointed at Bethany - Donald D. Krause
We have hundreds of visitors on opening night, which features live music, espresso bar and other surprises.
Fiacra - Gabriel Karagianis
Wayne Bertola
Photograph on metal by Frank Hildebrand
Christine Migala
Matthew Hagemann
Man with Octopus - Karl Jahnke
Rules, Oil on canvas - Kathleen Sullivan Isacson
Dark Glory of Earth, Dan Addington
Introspector - Julius D. C. Bautista
 The Light is Right - Mixed Media by Joe Isacson
Night Factory - Teresa Parod
CJ Hungerman (detail)
And Those He Taught - Encaustic - Carol Hamilton
Tim Lowly, guest artist & speaker for 5th Annual Creek Gallery/arts conference
Joe + Kathleen Isacson led the Willow Crystal Lake team of visual artists to create gallery exhibitions & large installations for 12 years.   

Joe + Kathleen created Creek Gallery and the Creek Gallery Arts Conference was a way  to meet the needs of the local creative community and help artists thrive. 

For 6 years, WCL generously partnered with this vision through hosting & sponsorship to make it happen. 

To see what new projects & artist opportunities Joe + Kathleen are working on, visit their home page