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Artist Tim Lowly with his piece, Bower - photo by Tim Erickson
Save the date: Saturday, Aug 26
We are busy preparing for the 2017 Creek Gallery Art Conference!
Check back for details. New to the conference? Check out last year's details to get an idea of what the event is like.

Highlights from the 2016 Creek Gallery Artist Conference:

Susan Blackman: Move Your Art Career Forward 
Gallerist/Art Consultant Susan Blackman talks about determining price, 
placement & promotion in the 21st Century art market.

About Susan: 
Susan Blackman blends a passion for art with a results-oriented, bottom-line 
business background and perspective. She earned an MBA in business manage-
ment and a specialty in marketing. As a result, she has been uniquely qualified 
throughout her career to guide businesses and individuals through the process 
of art acquisition, installation and management. Blackman is a seasoned veteran 
in the business of art. After joining the field in 1986, she managed five art galleries 
and later became a gallery owner before turning her focus to the business of art 
consulting. And for all of these reasons, she is uniquely qualified to help artists 
move their career forward.

Improvisational Descriptive Music 
Nationally & internationally acclaimed musicians form a keyboard 
& Tenor Sax duo to create original, improvisational jazz 
compositions based on artwork included in this year’s Creek 
Gallery exhibition. 

About the musicians: 

Javier Resendiz has performed in Mexico’s most distinguished 
venues, such as Palacio de Bellas Artes and CENART, as well as
important venues around the world, including Beijing Haidan Centre, 
Washington Kennedy Center, and Notre Dame University Bartolo 
Performing Arts Center. Javier has also been invited as a performer
for multiple International festivals such as Euroja Jazz, Festival Cervantino, Havana-Cuba Jazz Festival and the Lima Jazz Festival, among others.

Jake Wark is a saxophonist, educator, composer and improviser originally from Rochester, New York. Wark can be heard performing jazz and creative music as in various groups in Chicago, his newest recording release, Blow, with the collaborative trio Four Letter Words will be available in October 2015.

Sergio Gomez: Expanding Your Exhibition Circle


SAVE the DATE: The 2017 conference will be Sat, Aug 26. Speaker lineup to come.​

Sponsored by Willow Crystal Lake
Held at Mchenry County College
8900 Rt 14, Crystal Lake, IL

COST: $29 early bird, $35 regular registration
Student rate:(High school/college) $10 early/$15 reg 
Registration for 2017 is not open yet.
* Morning coffee included with registration.

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Tim Lowly: Refine Your Creative Voice

Tim Lowly shares his decades of experience an 
exhibiting artist & gallery director.

About Tim:

Tim Lowly is an inter-disciplinary artist, working with painting, drawing, installation, digital media, photography and music: both individually and collaboratively. His work has a lyrical realism and quiet spirituality that have over the last thirty years contributed to an international reputation.  

Tim is affiliated with North Park University in Chicago as professor, gallery director, and artist-in-residence. He is represented by Koplin Del Rio Gallery. 

Tim Lowly with his painting, Bower - Photo by Tim Erickson
Internationally acclaimed artist, educator, curator and art mentor Sergio Gomez shares his extensive experience exhibiting locally, nationally & internationally, and shares the benefits and challenges of each in a new video-cast created for the Creek Gallery Arts Conference.

About Sergio:

Sergio Gomez is a Chicago based visual artist whose contributions to the art world include being Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center, owner & director of 33 Contemporary Gallery, and co-founder of the artist mentorship program, Artist Next Level, with Yanina Gomez. He has decades of experience as a exhibiting artist and curator, working with galleries, art exhibitions and museums locally to internationally.