Chicago area fine art exhibition in the northwest suburbs. Submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, metal. Contact Kathleen & Joe at submissions@culturea for details. 
About the Exhibition:
For Naming the Unspoken, we invited writers to create poems inspired by artwork juried into the exhibition. The poetry, and the artwork that inspired it, were displayed together in a traditional gallery setting.

For a 'virtual tour' of the Nov 2018 exhibition, click on a writer's name (found in the menu above) to see their poems and the corresponding artwork that inspired each poem.

A full list of artists & writers can be found below. If you need help in contacting any artist to purchase work or for publication, contact us to help get connected.

Naming the Unspoken explores the inexplicable connection between image and word, and focuses on artwork with a strong potential narrative. 

Writers have created poems and written pieces inspired by the artwork included in this exhibition, which was displayed next to the visual pieces that inspired them. 

The only information the writers had for inspiration was the image and title of each piece in the show.

Like artists, writers through the ages have sought to express the part of human existence that is completely non-verbal, including art. This exhibition is about the common human desire to communicate the unspoken, and to verbalize what we experience and see, even when it seems that no words can be found.​

This show was curated by Joe + Kathleen Isacson. 

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Heading image by Alan Thomas

A sample of the readings 
from the 2018 exhibition:
Joel Armstrong, Judy Arvidson, Bryam Bueno, Leisa Corbett, ​Carrie Dodt, David Feingold, Kathleen Sullivan Isacson, Rachel Hanson, 
Fae Lynch, Robert Kelsey, Paula Long, Jessica Smit Mattingly, 
Ryan Mucha, Frederich Walter Nitsch, Ron Orist, 
Teresa Parod, Rebecca Nerad Pearce, Deanna Persson,
Harold Rail, Kimberly Kuba Rodey, Jenny Schneck, Karen Schuman, 
Dawn Shekut, Patricia Robinson Stolarski, Alan Thomas, Katherine Weber

Visual Artists:
Poets & Writers:
​Jan Bosman, William Carey, J. Rubric Corvus, P.C. Donofrio, 
Alison Easler, Ivan Ewert, Kathleen Sullivan Isacson, 
Danny Mitchell, Patrick Nottingham, Sue Rekenthaler, 
Dorothy Bury Shaw, Alex Shapiro, Diana Smith

Naming the Unspoken: writing and fine art exhibiton
BosmanBury ShawCareyCorvusDenofrioEaslerEwert
MitchellNottinghamRekenthalerShapiroSmithSullivan Isacson