Chicago area fine art exhibition in the northwest suburbs. Submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, metal. Contact Kathleen & Joe at submissions@culturea for details. 
Heading image by Alan Thomas

​Blue Leaves & Bugs

I am entangled in a blue-black-purple mesh 
of unpredictability. I reach for vulnerable 
pink fragments that float. They open me
to bold, orange, yellow, joy. 
I become alive again.

Free, uncaught, resolved to reach the light.
It has been there in the corner of my eye,
taunting, testing, inviting me 
to shed this web. The filigree feels warm,
comfortable, protected, quiet.

Diana Smith

​Inspired by Blue Leaves and Bugs. Artist: Katherine Weber

Out on a limb

I navigate the shadows, 
taupe grey, umber, ash.

I realize who I am,
embrace the light.
timberwolf, platinum, boto.

Joy emerges from the sadness.
Increasingly it finds me

as I let go of the anger
and the darkness.
I am free.

Diana Smith

Inspired by Out on a Limb. Artist: Patricia Robinson Stolarski

The Peonies

I remember a moment, a time, 
a delicate flower, you.
A foundation of green 
realizes this painting. 

In my dream, the blush of color
reminds me of the summer
at the beginning of our life together.
Sensations of blue materialize on porcelain.

Once imagined, now fully present
they leave a legacy of love.

Diana Smith

​Inspired by The Peonies. Artist: Alan Thomas


Life forming images in my mind,
grounded green leaves.
These are real to me,
their true essence intact.

Could it be that it's more lovely
unformed, a feeling, an energy,
in that state between sleep
and wakefulness?

Diana Smith

Inspired by Leaves. Artist: Alan Thomas​

Naming the Unspoken was curated by Joe + Kathleen Isacson. 

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Diana Smith  
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