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Heading image by Alan Thomas
Naming the Unspoken was a national fine art exhibition curated by Joe + Kathleen Isacson. ​

Let Freedom Ring

You must've glimpsed this face
a thousand times, and yet...
you still don't know my name.

But there's no doubt you've met 
this gaze of mine--behind 
these smoldering, sapphire flames

that burn low with the knowing
that every time we meet
the song remains the same,

a rather mindless melody
that's been placed on repeat 
and doomed 
to play over and over again.

Yes it's a tune that the two of us
know all too well.
You through your selfishness,
ringing clear as a bell,

and me, lacking confidence
--wrapped up in my reticence--
as I search for the eloquence
of exactly how to tell you...
                                                                                                                                                Inspired by Liberty Perez. Artist: Bryam Bueno
that I've had about enough of this game.

But how could I possibly explain to you
all the vain ways with which you move?

That haughty sense 
of arrogance infused
with everything that you do,

as you run rampant
with your entitlement,
while treating everyone
like tools to be used
to facilitate
and accommodate
the sheer glory that is…  you.

No, it's not really necessary 

J. Rubric Corvus

Give and Take

"How does it seem?
Such a simple thing, yes?

I am forsaken, yet

You give me this.  This
Madness.  This...
Life for a life. 

Though not knowing
The depths
Of the struggle
Of these eternal circles;
This continual
Spiral of strife.

But... worry not.  Your gift.

Take heed of me.  My words.
My own parting gift.

I am what I am.
Around the calm
Point of center,

Like the eyes
Of the storm,

Yet always ready
And willing
To deliver the knife.”

J. Rubric Corvus​

Inspired by Gift in Exile. Artist: Kathleen Sullivan Isacson

Naming the Unspoken was a national fine art exhibition curated by Joe + Kathleen Isacson. 

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J Rubric Corvus 
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to be any sort of seer to see
through your... 
glaring transparency;

for though I'm certainly not a prophet,
or some saintly sagacious sage,
nor some wise and wizened messenger
from some long forgotten age,

here to pontificate the golden rule
to the hopeless throngs of stuffy fools
--like you--
that would sooner pay no mind
to the good and gracious of a kind,
as you keep in line with your egoic designs
and go about your greedy schemes.

No, for I am but a simple human being
--your barista, for the time being--
attending to yet one more fiend's
caffeine needs in the best ways that I can;

while waiting, for you to connect
--beyond your own phone and the Internet--
with something, someone, anyone
besides your oh-so-precious self-importance

for just a moment... maybe two,
as I stand here before you, 
watching, wondering, waiting... 

for that very moment
when I finally muster
the guts to speak up,

or when you--at long last--
suddenly summon some real class,
and perhaps, just perhaps...

you choose to speak up too.