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Heading image by Alan Thomas
Naming the Unspoken was a national fine art exhibition curated by Joe + Kathleen Isacson. ​

Everything in Shades

Everything’s awash in Lavender hue
& yet my skin quakes with a palsy
of anticipation:

Lilacs of my youth are usurped
by scentless creeping Wood Sorrel
its yellow sallowing among

displaced lake stones creating
a border about our new garden
covered in woodchips to dissuade wild growth.

I am ready to till this ready-to-burgeon
plot (the denouement to forever)
with harsh unpredictable sproutings —
to love contented the deep creeping air
about such luscious beauty’s hidden there.

P.C. Denofrio

Note: This poem was written from a color-blind poet’s perspective. 

His experience of the painting may be different from yours as a result.

​Inspired by Untitled #1. Artist: Ron Orist


Even in solitude, I find your figure
reading my mind
with swish-swash of greentide Algae
spurious in moonlight-growing-tired 
over watched by that old Willow 
from our youth
from which we’d launch our naked dreams
into that weedy sea, the lake:

brilliantly, she dances
like a child in a womb about to burst,
refracting imperfect slices
of Luna’s reverse silhouette,
& in her curvature
I think of your breasts, your body

P.C. Denofrio

Inspired by Backwater. Artist: Fae Lynch

Naming the Unspoken was a national fine art exhibition curated by Joe + Kathleen Isacson. 

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P.C. Denofrio 
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