Chicago area fine art exhibition in the northwest suburbs. Submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, metal. Contact Kathleen & Joe at submissions@culturea for details. 
Heading image by Alan Thomas
Naming the Unspoken was a national fine art exhibition curated by Joe + Kathleen Isacson.​


The mind has created a past
that hammers as it speaks,
pounding in long lists of damages
requiring endless repairs.

The past keeps score,
rounding up fractions and decimals,
projecting losses,
measuring the distance of separation
with a painful precision,
recording errors in chiseled stone.

What the mind has created,
the mind can also undo.

The present emerges 
beyond the rumbling shadows,
stretching into the moment,
filling it with illumination, color,
and joyful expansion into the Universe.

The past shrivels away, 
into the nothingness it is.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

​Inspired by X. Artist: Ryan Mucha


Structure braced itself against a cloud of chaos
as both reached the same conclusion. 

Their differences were insurmountable.

Help me.

I am listening.

We want the same thing.

Then I am just like you.

I cannot know myself until I know you.

One offered a curtsy, the other bowed low.

Leaning into each other,
each supported the other.

And upon the sea of contrasts
unity prevailed.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

Inspired by Unity. Artist Deanna Persson

Into the Stillness

I have fallen into the stillness, 
hidden in my silence, 
resting safely in the peace of You.

You are speaking my name 
without making a sound, 
absorbing it into your own.  

A harmonic thrum rises, 
the sum of it all, 
the sum of Us.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

Inspired by Untitled #2. Artist Ron Orist


Little traveler, 
with scuffs on your shoes 
and tangles in your hair, 
you cannot know yet 
where your yearnings will lead you.

But you shall thirst.

Sip of the discovery, 
taste of the triumphs, 
drink deeply of the loving.

Soon you will be swimming, 
carried on currents, 
months into years,
girl into woman, 
still thirsting,
seeking the rainstorms, 
crossing the oceans, 
grateful to thirst, 
coming to know  
to thirst is to live.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

Inspired by Thirst. Artist: Jessica Smit Mattingly

Turning It Around

Beyond my control darkness looms.
There must be a better way.

Thinking it over, reshaping old patterns,
peering into the oyster as its treasure beckons,
I am releasing my prejudice, 
exploring the unknown, 
braving discomfort, 
seeking understanding 
as each shadow bares its fangs.

At long last, I am waiting in trust 
as a pinpoint of light sends storm clouds fleeing.

Peace approaches 
extending a gloveless hand 
holding a pearl.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

Inspired by Thinking It Over. Artist: Patricia Robinson Stolarski

The Inchworm

How I have traveled in the span of one instant,
from death to life and back again.

The scent of your forgiveness rouses me.
The sound of your whispered wisdom
thrums strong in my ear.
The heat of your tender presence
chases the chill of the night.

An inchworm marks the space between us.

We are but one breath apart
and still, I cannot close that gap.
You are patient, my Love.
I am one thread closer tonight.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

Inspired by Meditation on the Inchworm. Artist: Karen Schuman 

Naming the Unspoken was a national fine art exhibition curated by Joe + Kathleen Isacson. 

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Dorothy Bury Shaw 
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