The work represented here is a sample and is not intended for duplication or print
without the expressed permission of Kathleen Sullivan Isacson
Kathleen Sullivan Isacson
I Don't Know What I've Lost Until I Find It 
mixed media 
Acrylic & Ink on board
12"x12"The Vanishing Soul 
mixed media
14x14The Vanishing Soul (detail)
mixed media
14x14RE: Solution 
mixed media 
10x8Pour Grace
mixed media
10x8Running Dream
mixed mediaWalking Through the Valley
oil on canvasShocking Confessional
oil on canvasPsalm 69
oil on canvasHelia
mixed media
mixed media
K  L
S    I
Painting in Tongues
Back Door, 1994 - from photo series documenting life in a mud show circus.Untitled, 2001 - used as stage backdrop for intactive theatre piece in 2010 Brighton Arts Festival.Untitled, 2008Untitled, 2009 Milwaukee Art Museum, 2009Quintana Roo, 2009
The Topaz Bird, Oil on wood
- from the memory series"Storm Heaven", Oil on wood
- from the memory series
Camouflage Memory, Oil on wood
- from the memory seriesRecall, Oil on wood
- from the memory seriesLegally Blind, Oil on wood
- from the memory seriesThe Myth of Yellow, Oil on wood
- from the memory seriesElders
acrylic on woodOde to a Man Who Can Cook,
Oil on wood
- from the memory seriesYou Shine Like (Philippians 2:14)
Oil, mixed media on wood.
In private collection.
front & top 'starry night' 

    Unkown Soldiers, Oil on canvas, 48"x48"Titanic, Oil on canvas, diptych
54"x 30" (both panels)I Timothy 6, mixed media, 2010 - from a series of small work inspired by the Mexican tradition of el dia de los muertos. Barnside, Oil on wood. 24" x 48"Venetian Shrine, Oil, handmade cotton paper,  bees' wax on woodTomb, Oil, bees' wax on woodSpell of Expulsion, Oil on canvasYour Heart is Where your Treasure Is
mixed media
The Myth of Memory series & other work
Flora, mixed media, 2007Study, mixed media, 2009 Untitled, Conte & charcoal, 2010Work in Progress
oil on woodCharacter study (Joost Johnson), Conte & pencilMagdelene
oil on wood
48x241941, Wartime, mixed media, 2009 Water is Life, mixed media, 2009 Malawi Madonna (detail), mixed media, 2009 Malawi Madonna, mixed media, 2009 Malawi Madonna II, Mixed Media, 2009Study, Mixed Media, 2009
Figurative work
The Aerial Series
Of the Land, mixed media, 2010 Feilds III, mixed media, 2010 Outskirts, mixed media, 2009 Ground Zero, mixed media, 2010 Metro, mixed media, 2009 Montrose Harbor, mixed media, 2009 Circle Crops, mixed media, 2009 Wedgewoo, mixed media, 2009 Highways, mixed media, 2009 Random Roads, mixed media, 2009 Fork, mixed media, 2009