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Kathleen Sullivan Isacson
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Kathleen Sullivan Isacson is an artist and writer who currently lives on the fringe of society - aka the outer reaches of the Chicagoland area.

Kathleen has intensively studied and worked in the creative process for most of her lifetime. Her paintings have won awards and reside in private and public collections. Aside from painting, she has also worked in a variety of other mediums, which include papermaking, mixed media, installations and photography. Recent credits include a photograph used as a stage backdrop in the 2010 Brighton Arts Festival, which is the second largest of its kind in the UK. Over the years, she has also had the opportunity to study and work in many performance arts, including music, Indonesian dance, theatre, improv and performance art.

Her poetry has won awards and been published in literary journals across North America and in internationally distributed anthologies.  Previously, Kathleen was editor and creative director for the arts and literary journal, The Miserere Review. Since then, she has published numerous articles and leadership resources and is in the process of developing a series of young adult fiction novels.

Performance/exhibition venues include:

Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
Womanmade Gallery, Chicago, IL
11th Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
Lakeside Legacy, Crystal Lake, IL
Epping Gallery, Crystal Lake, IL
Old Courthouse Gallery, Woodstock, IL
Gallery in the Garden, Woodstock, IL
Starline Gallery, Harvard, IL
2010 Brighton Arts Festival, England, UK
Faculty, 2011 Karitos Arts Conference, Bolingbrook, IL
Faculty, 2012 Karitos Arts Conference, Wheaton, IL
Publishing Credits include:

Columbia Poetry Review
Red Rock Review
In Our Own Words: Gen X anthology I & III
Exquisite Corpse
Zuzu's Petals
The Chicago Examiner
Agnieska's Dowry
Snakeskin Magazine
Sapphire Magazine
Christianity Today

Words of Praise:

"A creative genius."  - Andrew Wheeler, client and award-winning author of Together in Prayer

"She's a great communicator and an inspired mind, with an engaging personality and a determined drive. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering working with her.”  -- David L, colleague, Crystal Lake, IL

"Absolutely beautiful painting! Would love to buy from again!"  - private collector, West Chester, PA

"I would highly recommend Kathleen for any position that requires innovation, creativity, extraordinary customer service, planning and organization..Her work is inspiring.”   -Christy S, colleague, Chicago, IL

"Terrific artist & seller. Philippians 4:11 is beautiful!"  - private collector, Antioch, CA