Chicago area fine art exhibition in the northwest suburbs. Submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, metal. Contact Kathleen & Joe at submissions@culturea for details. 
This show is open to all artists in the United States. Submission fee is $20 until 9/16 and $26 from 9/17 until the final submission deadline: October 14. The jury fee covers up to 5 images. 

All mediums are accepted. All styles of artwork are also accepted for consideration, including abstract work.

How to Submit:

This is a two part process: Submit the hanging fee & fill out the form below. Be ready to include a brief statement or story about each piece that follows the criteria in the concept statement above. (1200 character max) 

Read the show's full prospectus for further details about snail mail submissions & info pertaining to accepted artists. 

Awards given for 1st Place & Honorable Mention, which will be presented opening night. Prizes TBA. 

Both the submission form  and fees should be submitted by Oct 14, 2017 to be considered. 
Submissions that do not follow basic guidelines will be considered incomplete.  
Submissions without a jury fee will be also considered incomplete. Incomplete submissions cannot be juried. 

Notifications will be made by 10/22. Please be patient!  Follow us on FB for updates.

STEP ONE: Submit the jury fee

STEP TWO: Fill out the form
About the Show:
​IF ONLY YOU KNEW: a national fine art exhibition about revealing secrets & stories behind the artwork.

Concept: This is an exhibition about revealing secrets or otherwise not-widely known information to one another. Each piece submitted to the show must also have a brief statement telling something surprising or private that will be disclosed opening night. The statements can be whimsical, funny, intriguing, unexpected, weird or heartbreaking. 

The question to ask yourself as an artist is: What is important about this work (or why you made it) that no one would know unless you told them?

What's different about this show? If You Only Knew is a show designed to increase greater interaction of the viewer with the artwork presented to them in the space. When visitors arrive opening night, each one will be presented with a sealed envelope, which will contain the private story, secret or revelation about one of the pieces. (It will be numbered to correspond with the artwork.) Not everyone will get the same envelope, so only limited people are privy to the backstory behind each piece.

The exhibit will be in the Old Courthouse Arts Center, located on Woodstock's historic square, NW of Chicago. You may recognize the square from the film Groundhog Day

J + K Isacson are curators for this exhibition, working in partnership with the Old Court House Arts Center. 
(This show is part invitational and part open call to artists. Invitational spots are currently filled.)     

Enter Artist's Name:
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Laika - Mary Solberg, invitational artist

This dog is captured in suspended animation happily pursuing her ball. The actual dog named Laika lost her life in pursuit of interplanetary travel. Homeless on the streets of Moscow, this young stray was selected to orbit earth in a rocket ship.
Fig. 12: Scapular Girlchild Views of the Infraspinous Foss - Paul Nitsche, invitational artist

This piece references the notion of the reliquary. The two children displayed are graphite drawings on sections of human bone.
Summer Dream - Gabriela Leyva, invitational artist
"She had an affair in the summer with a man and returned to her husband and her children like nothing happened. 
She relives the ecstasies, shame, guilt, desire, and pleasure alone in a darkened room."
Ground Hog - Mary Solberg, invitational artist

Mary's brother Jim spent his childhood in illness and developed a love for observing and collecting nature. His pictures are a great inspiration to Mary for her work and a remembrance of him.
Fig. 16 - The Ephemeral Knot - Paul Nitsche, invitational artist

Something akin to a Memento Mori, The Ephemeral Knot is a sculpture depicting the bridge between youth and death. The child's hand grasps a clavicle bone, the first bone to begin the process of ossification.
The Bard of Becoming - Gabriela Layva, invitational artist

"She lived true love with a forbidden man for a few months, and decides to take her life after she has achieved it. This is the moment of decision."
What is important about your artwork (or why you made it) that no one would know unless you told them?

Stories, revelations & secrets will be given out in sealed envelopes on opening night.
Stories, revelations and secrets about the artwork included in the show will be given out on opening night. Not everyone will get the same story - it's up to them to share it or keep it to themselves.
Old Court House Arts Center
Woodstock, IL

The center is located on historic Woodstock square, which you may recognize as the setting of the film, Groundhog Day
Exhibition Timeline:

Final Submission
Deadline: Oct. 14, 2016

Jury fee:
$20 through 9/16
$26 9/17 - 10/14/17

Notifications of 
acceptance by 

Hanging Fee due 
by 10/28/2017 ($30 per artist, not per piece)

Delivery dates for artwork: 
Thurs - Sun 1/4 -1/7/2018,

Work must remain 
up through Feb 24, 2018.

Awards presented 
on opening night.

Artwork pick up
will be 2/25/2018.

The opening 
reception will
be Saturday, 
January 20, 2018

Exhibit location:

Old Court House Arts Center
101 N. Johnson Street Woodstock, IL 60098