Chicago area fine art exhibition in the northwest suburbs. Submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, metal. Contact Kathleen & Joe at submissions@culturea for details. 
This show is open to all artists in the United States. Submission fee is $25 until March 15 and $30 from 3/16 until the final submission deadline: April 6. The jury fee covers up to 5 images. There is no additional hanging fee if work is accepted. 

All mediums are accepted. All styles of artwork are also accepted for consideration. 

How to Submit:

This is a two part process: Submit the jury fee & fill out the form below. 

Read the show's full prospectus for further details about snail mail submissions & info pertaining to accepted artists. 

Awards given for 1st Place & Honorable Mention, which will be presented opening night. Prizes TBA. 

Both the submission form  and fees should be submitted by April 6, 2020 to be considered. 
Submissions that do not follow basic guidelines will be considered incomplete.  
Submissions without a jury fee will be also considered incomplete. Incomplete submissions cannot be juried. 

Notifications will be made by 4/22. Please be patient!  Follow us on FB for updates.

STEP ONE: Submit the jury fee                        STEP TWO: Fill out the form
About the Show:
Heaven & Hell is a national fine art exhibition that explores the concepts of good vs. evil, and the idea of a link between our experiences during life and after death.


Artists are encouraged to submit work that explores:

-heaven or hell
-either good or evil

-good vs evil
-heaven or hell as a metaphor
-your hopes, fears, beliefs & feelings relating to either

All mediums are welcomed for submission. 

The exhibit will be in the Old Courthouse Arts Center, located on Woodstock's historic square, NW of Chicago. You may recognize the square from the film Groundhog Day

J + K Isacson are curators for this exhibition, working in partnership with the Old Court House Arts Center. 

Enter Artist's Name:
Submit Jury Fee Online
Exhibition Timeline:

Final Submission
Deadline: April 6, 2020

Jury fee:
$25 through 3/15
$30 3/16 - 4/6

(No hanging fee.)

Notifications of 
acceptance by 

Delivery dates for artwork: 
Thurs - Sun 5/22 -5/26,

Artwork up June 4 -27

Work must remain 
up through June 27

Artwork pick up
will be June 28, 2019.

Awards presented 
on opening night.

The opening 
reception will
be Saturday, 
June 6, 2020

Exhibit location:

Old Court House Arts Center
101 N. Johnson Street Woodstock, IL 60098

Adam & Eve 2017 National Exhibition at the Old Courthouse Arts Center. 

This exhibition explored the themes of beauty, loss and innocence.

Sculpture in foreground by Pat Brutchin
Adam & Eve 2017 Exhibition - detail shot.
To Be Heard June 2018 exhibition at the Old Court House Arts Center.

This exhibition explored themes of social justice and freedom of speech.
2018 Jan/Feb exhibition at the Old Court House Arts Center. 

Selections from this show went on to be in an invitational exhibition at the Freeport Art Museum Sept-Nov 2018.
View of the If You Only Knew invitational version of the exhibition at the Freeport Art Museum (Fall 2018)
View of the Adam & Eve exhibition at the Old Court House Arts Center in Woodstock in Jan/Feb 2017.
View of the Lobby at the Old Court House Arts Center (w/custom made sign for the 2016 Future So Bright exhibition.)
View of If You Only Knew Jan/Feb 2018 exhibition at the Old Court House Arts Center.
To Be Heard June 2018 exhibition opening night - view of the south gallery.
View of the Old Courthouse Art Center on historic Woodstock square.