Chicago aarea fine art exhibition in the northwest suburbs. Submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, metal by June 22, 2013. No admission fees, no commission taken. Contact Kathleen & Joe at submissions@culturea for details.
fine art exhibition, church visual arts ministry submit work for Crystal Lake, Illiinois show in July 2013
A Semi-Annual
Event Featuring
Fine Art by 60+ Local Artists

Opening Night Features:
art + hors d’oeurves
+ music + espresso bar

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Willow Creek Crystal Lake
220 Exchange Dr, Ste A,
Crystal Lake, IL

New to Creek Gallery?

Take a peek at the last
Creek Gallery show...
Introspector by Julius D.C. BautistaNight Factory by Teresa ParodNod by Weg ThomasFor There are Devils in this World, There Must Be Angels Too    by Won ParkFull Circle by Dan OlveraUntitled by Marc MoxonUninhibited by Danuta LoaneProcessional Cross by David OrthLast Creek Gallery: shot taken during Opening Night eventPostcard graphic: Summer Rain by Carol Hamilton.
Marianne Albers McKoveck
Patricia Barnes
Jessica Barone
Julius D.C. Bautista
Ken Beach
Mary Beth Bellon
Wayne Bertola
Dawn Brennan
Dave Carhart
Linda Carney
Danielle Carpenter
Kenny Chmielewski
Anne Marie Cina
Beth Lee Cripe

Tom Cubr
Carrie Dodt
Lorette Dodt
Art Dulan
Alison Easler
Gail Ericksen
Sandra Ferguson
Matt Freres
Amy Furio
Brendan Gaughan
Dean Grove
Carol Hamilton
Roberta Heien

Frank Hildebrand
Joe Isacson
Kathleen Isacson
Karl Jahnke
Paul Justen
Gabriel Karagianis
Donald Krause
Elaine Lameka
Cindy Lesperance
Sandra Lewandowski
Donna J. Lewis
Danuta Loane
Cheryl Marquardt
Christine Migala

Marc Moxon
Blaine Muscat
Michelle Myshkowec
Debra Nord
Dan Olvera
David Orth 
Won Park
Teresa Parod
Sonnie Penkava
Klaus Pinter
Steve Ponio
Renée LaVerné Rose
BJ Scribner
Jeff Sevener

Alice Snyder
James Sturnfield
Angela Swan
Ken Talaga
Weg Thomas
Marie Tovo
Ilma Udrenas
Elaine Warnke
Katherine Weber

Want to purchase
or commission art?

Contributing Artists from the Creek Gallery 2013 exhibition :
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To hear about the next event, follow us
on Facebook or sign up for our mailing